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Strong of 6+ years of varied experiences mainly in the e-commerce industry with a large pool of different languages and tools, I'm a passionate person that loves to try and find simple solutions to complex problems. I'm pragmatic, a team player and a fast learner and I believe that it makes me a great asset in any project. The most important : If I don't love my job I wouldn't do it as this is why I wake up everyday and what I spend most of my days on !
Work Experience

Open Source Developer at PrestaShop • Freelance

From October 2022 to June 2023 • full-remote

PrestaShop is one of the biggest open source e-commerce platform. I joined the company's Open Source team, working directly on the open-source project's core and plugins, mainly to migrate legacy parts of the application. I also took part of the life of the open-source project : PRs reviews, technical design, architecture choices... and finished with starting a brand new API with a lot of technical requirements, due to PrestaShop's nature.

  • Migrated old legacy parts of the application to Symfony.
  • Participated in the open-source project's life : PRs reviews, discussions with the community...
  • Designed, documented and started to implement a brand new API linked to PrestaShop's CQRS components.
Stack : PHP 7.4+, Symfony 4, Crowdin, GitHub Actions, PHPUnit, Docker, MySQL, KeyCloak

Back-End Engineer at MoovOne / CoachHub • Freelance

From August 2021 to August 2022 • full-remote

MoovOne is a french online coaching platform. It got bought by CoachHub, another online coaching platform, built by a German company with workers all over the world. I reinforced their teams to develop new APIs with clean code best practices, especially in an hexagonal architecture. I started with Darkmira and then continued as an independant freelancer.

  • Designed and built APIs in direct collaboration with the Front-End developers.
  • Designed and created a brand new micro-service related to a specific domain.
  • Worked on the Coaches' calendars synchronizations with Google Calendar, for session booking.
Stack : NodeJS, NestJS, Mailjet, Lokalise, Contentful, Amazon S3, Github Actions, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Google Calendars.

Web Engineer at Darkmira • Full-time contract

From May 2021 to February 2022 • full-remote

Darkmira is a service company specialized in PHP Development & Consulting. I contributed to Symfony Core & Symfony Docs , participated in 2 security audits for their clients and then reinforced the teams of MoovOne/CoahHub on their behalf. I also wrote an article about Sylius' products for them !

  • Contributed to Symfony Core & Symfony Docs following Nicolas Grekas' priorities at the time. (I helped making the tests green for SF 6 😁)
  • Participated in two security audits alongside the company's CTO. Manual code review on multiple projects (Ruby on Rails, ZF2) to find vulnerabilities, pentesting environments specifically made available for it.
  • Reinforced MoovOne's teams as a Back-End Engineer : developing APIs with API Platform in an hexagonal architecture, following clean code best practices.
Stack : Symfony 5, PHP 7.4+, API Platform, Apache Kafka, PHPUnit, Behat, Docker

Web Developer at ProWebCE • Full-Time contract

From December 2017 to May 2021 • Grenoble, France

ProWebCE is the french leader of solutions for work councils. I worked on Meyclub, the e-commerce website for companies' employees; it's Back-Office HM; Monkey, a Design System for which I built the foundations; and BPM, the Back-Office revamp in micro-services alongside a data models and datas migration.

  • Made evolutions and fixed bugs on Meyclub and HM. One example of evolution I made was a "recently added to cart" block that would show if the cart expired with items inside it, stored in Redis.
  • Built the foundation of Monkey, the company's Design System. The idea was to have a BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) approach for our components styling. I've set up the tooling necessary to develop Monkey and to integrate it in existing and new projects of the company : Symfony and Capistrano for the documentation (because it was technologies already known by the tech teams), SASS/SCSS, variables parsing & replacing (for themes and/or customization of the colors), WebPack.
  • Prepared the staging and pre-prod Belgium environments for Meyclub and HM/BPM, a new market we were expanding into. MySQL, Debian, Supervisord.
  • Participated in the Back Office revamp with top-notch SensioLabs consultants : datas and models migrations, asynchronous micro-services APIs with API Platform and RabbitMQ, mass-data imports (to migrate from old database with old model to new database with new model)
Stack : Symfony 3 & 4, PHP 7.1+, API Platform, RabbitMQ, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Blackfire, GitLab CI, PHPUnit, Behat, Docker, Capistrano, Handlebars.js

Volunteer Experience

Co-Founder, President & CTO at Le Blue Wall

From July 2021 to September 2022 • full-remote

Le Blue Wall became the world's n°1 e-sports' fan organisation, counting 667 members & 5406 uniques accounts and managing 5 figures budgets in one year. I Co-Founded it with 4 others people and became the President as well as the CTO of it before rapidly scaling to a 12 members administration council. I also did a lot of non-tech tasks such as press relation, organizing large regular meetings with our members, legal conformity...

  • Installed and managed every service we had : VPS, Website, Mail server (Mailcow), Nextcloud, Teampass, Matomo (self-hosted analytics), Discord Bot
  • Developed a whole Membership management system : registration with Discord (OAuth 2), moderation (with auto-approval after 24 hours), payment, welcome e-mail and auto-join of a Discord server with a specific role.
  • Developed a Ticketing system : creation and scheduling the sales linked to Stripe for prices and checkout with a defined amount of tickets available. Concurrency handling, place selection handling, either automatically send ticket by e-mail or make them available to download directly on the website on a selected time.
  • Developed an auto-sourced (periodically requesting APIs to automatically create events with no human interaction) Calendar to show date and time of matches of the e-sports' club on multiple games.
  • Developed a QR Core generator & scanner used to know if members registered to certain events. Used In Real Life on phones so that our staff were able to quickly know if someone was allowed somewhere (viewing parties & processions). Made it possible to flag certain scans as one time only to avoid people using their friends QR codes.
Stack : Symfony 6.1+, PHP 8.1+, Tailwindcss, Alpine.js, Stripe, Caddy, Traefik, Postgres, NodeJS, Docker


Titre Professionnel de Responsable en Ingénierie des Logiciels de niveau II (Bac +3/4)

2019 at CESI Alternance • Grenoble, France

Titre Professionnel de Développeur Logiciel de Niveau III (Bac +2)

2017 at AFPA • Grenoble, France


Mathieu F.

Engineering Manager - PrestaShop

"I have been managing Antonin for 9 months in PrestaShop open source developer team. Antonin has demonstrated skills, team spirit and motivation and was able to find workarounds and innovative solutions when faced with obstacles. He has also brought up a fresh and different perspective on the PrestaShop project that allowed us to improve how we work."

Sylvain L.

Engineering Manager - CoachHub

"Anto was really involved, doing a good job and was very patient with all the impediments he faced."

Thomas D.

CTO - Darkmira

"Working as acting CTO in a small service company, it has been a pleasure working with Antonin. Interested and independent, Antonin has been able to work on the multiple missions (short to long) we asked him to work on. I have been able to enjoy his dedication while working closely with him on the security audits. I would work with him again anytime if the opportunity presents itself."

Hugues G.

Tech Lead - ProWebCE

"I worked with Antonin for a few years, I was impressed by his ability to learn. He meets all the callenges, both technical and functional, and always manages them. If you have the opportunity to work with him do not hesitate it will necessarily be beneficial for you."

Hacker1: "A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system [...]".