Watch of the Week 19


Watch of the Week 19

Welcome to this Watch of the Week !

Not a lot caught my attention this week. However, I migrated this very website from GitHub to GitLab (my own self-hosted instance 🤓), mainly because of the last incidents on GitHub. I’ve also migrated the analytics to Plausible with a self-hosted instance too.

I’m highlighting a tweet from Smaïne, a former coworker of mine, about Symfony bundles. It’s definitely worth a look !

{% tweet url=“-” /%}

Other stuff I’ve stumbled upon is Fred Bouchery’s tweet about benchmarking of PHP applications and Kévin Dunglas’ tweet about supply chain attacks in the PHP ecosystem

I may be doing an article about my server’s infrastructure and how easy (or hard) was it to install my own GitLab instance.

See you next week ! ✌🏼

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