Watch of the Week 17


Watch of the Week 17

Welcome to this Watch of the Week !

This week, I found this : Digital 2023: Global Overview Report. It’s a report from January 2023 with a lot of numbers and figures about digital stuff. An interesting read !

I also watched a 🇫🇷 Devoxx talke which I tweeted about because I liked a particular slide, even if the whole talk is awesome. I HIGHLY recommend taking a loot at their YouTube Channel, they have a ton of fascinating talks in both French and English !

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I’ve then read an article about 9 ways to shoot yourself in the foot with PostgreSQL, which was nice in addition with the talk

And that’s pretty much it, but you should have a lot to learn about by loosing yourself on Devoxx’s YouTube channel.

See you next week ! ✌🏼

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